TICKLING GIANTS (documentary). The story of Egyptian anchorman Bassem Youssef during the Arab Spring.
THE PROPHECY (documentary). A warning of climate change in Alaska.
LES BONES NENES (drama). Two sisters between childhood and adulthood deal with the consequences of their actions.
THE SWING (documentary). Viviane conceals her daughter's death to her husband Antoine due to his declining health.
FATHERLAND (drama) In the birthplace of Stalin, his followers commemorate him when strange things begin to occur.
LA CONJECTURE DE SYRACUSE (drama). A young couple's struggle to save their relationship.
SUBMARINE (drama). Under the imminent threat of Lebanon's garbage crisis, Hala is the only one to refuse evacuation.
THE PRESIDENT'S VISIT (comedy). A fisherman village learns about the secret visit of the President to its local soap shop.

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